Rembrandt Charms

Rembrandt Charms has received a few calls regarding our new website and where to find some of the charms that did not make it during this initial launch. We will continue adding our full line to the new website over time.  Until then, this will take you to the original site: (hint: right-click on the link directly below and it will open in a new window so you can come right back)


(examples are not actual size)

***NEW*** Scroll Down for Virtual Bracelet Builder

Elegant, Fashionable, Fun

Many different categories


Transportation: motorcycles


Special Occasions




Hand-crafted, hand polished, solid pieces of jewelry,  We carry so many different pieces you'll have fun just looking through the selections.  Come by our store in Westwood Shopping Center and take a look at some of these selections:


Love and Marriage



Home and Garden



Tell your life's story with your Rembrandt Charm bracelet.  Come visit with our bracelet specialists and plan your unique piece based on your passions and hobbies and other things you like to do.


Now you can build your own bracelet online

No obigation
Build it online
Choose your bracelet metal: gold silver platinum
Choose your charms and virtually hang them on your bracelet
Arrange according to your taste and budget
Print out your creation and bring it in to the store
It's simple and it's fun, just follow the instructions below:
2. Select the metal for your bracelet
3. Search and select your charms: metal, 2000+ categories, then click "go"
4. Select charms by dragging and dropping on the bracelet image
5. Use the "drop zone" to park your selections
6. List of bracelet and charms noted on left of page as you build your bracelet
7. After developing a creation that fits your budget, simply print and bring to the store.
   ***NOTE:  When prompted for zip code please enter 28303 for our store code. Thanks***
8. See you soon!!